Located Off The Pacific Coast

This particular region of Northern California is known for its animated and vibrant scenery – from the crystal clear rivers that flow freely into the crashing Pacific waves, to the massive redwood trees that watch over the grazing cows.

100 Years Of Award Winning Cheese

We are excited to unveil a new look for our award-winning Dry Monterey Jack and Peppato, two iconic California cheeses that were developed by our founders and refined over decades. We continue to hand-craft each wheel in the same cellars.

Rumiano Family Organic Cheese

Our cheese is certified USDA Organic, and is made using pasteurized, organic Grade A milk. Our organic products are the world’s first cheeses Verified Non-GMO through the Non-GMO Project.

1919 - 1921: Rumiano Brothers move from San Francisco to Willows, CA., where they open their first dairy and begin making cheese.
1921 - 1930: Rumiano Cheese Company digs aging cellars at the Willows facility, designed for storage and aging. These cellars are still used today.
1935 - 1945: Rumiano Cheese Company is awarded a large government contract to produce cheese for the US Army in the war effort and purchases several creameries throughout California and Southern Oregon.
1945 - 1950: The end of war, developments in technology, and new dairy industry regulation lead to consolidation of facilities to two: Crescent City and Willows, CA.
1950 - 1980: Richard Rumiano's sons Raymond and George take over management of the business, with the assumption that it would soon be sold.
1980 - 1990: Raymond Rumiano's sons, John and Baird, purchase the business from the rest of the Rumiano family, struggling to make it successful. Expansion and modernization were the core focus.
1990 - 2000: Sales grew at a healthy rate, once again, and the new owners continued to reinvest into the business.
2000 - 2019: Rumiano Cheese Company continues to grow with its packaging operations, retail brands, new products, and the heritage of service, quality, and value.