1919 - 1921: Rumiano Brothers move from San Francisco to Willows, CA., where they open their first dairy and begin making cheese.
1921 - 1930: Rumiano Cheese Company digs aging cellars at the Willows facility, designed for storage and aging. These cellars are still used today.
1935 - 1945: Rumiano Cheese Company is awarded a large government contract to produce cheese for the US Army in the war effort and purchases several creameries throughout California and Southern Oregon.
1945 - 1950: The end of war, developments in technology, and new dairy industry regulation lead to consolidation of facilities to two: Crescent City and Willows, CA.
1950 - 1980: Richard Rumiano's sons Raymond and George take over management of the business, with the assumption that it would soon be sold.
1980 - 1990: Raymond Rumiano's sons, John and Baird, purchase the business from the rest of the Rumiano family, struggling to make it successful. Expansion and modernization were the core focus.
1990 - 2000: Sales grew at a healthy rate, once again, and the new owners continued to reinvest into the business.
2000 - 2019: Rumiano Cheese Company continues to grow with its packaging operations, retail brands, new products, and the heritage of service, quality, and value.