Our Commitments

Rumiano, together with Organic Family Farms located on California's Redwood Coast, is committed to the health of the planet and future generations.


People matter most. That’s why taking care of the planet people depend on for life, health, and happiness is essential. Happy planet = healthy, happy people. Rumiano’s commitment to regenerative farming and sustainability is our long-term strategy and drives innovation and “outside the box” thinking daily.


We are committed to supporting the communities we serve, striving always to do what’s best for the land, our farm partners, employees, families, and individuals. We think globally and act locally. Socially, environmentally and ethically. By approaching all of what we do through the lens of a diverse, connected, and mindful team, we can accomplish our goals with outcomes that benefit the communities we operate in.


Our Commitment to Sustainable Regeneration of the Planet Net-Zero – Negative Carbon Footprint, Regenerative Farming Practices, and Leading the way in certification and standards.


We applaud our producers for their commitment to Stewardship, happy, healthy cows free to graze lush pastures, and positively impacting the land for the next generations.