Our Farmers

Rumiano, together with Organic Family Farms located on California’s Redwood Coast, is committed to the health of the planet and future generations.

Cahill Dairy

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Rocha Dairy

McCanless Dairy

M&N Miranda Dairy

Diamond Point Dairy

Alexandre Farms

Holgersen Dairy

Mike Boynton Dairy

Brazil Dairy

Scilacci Dairy Partnership

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Moralis Dairy

Dolcini Family Dairy

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Rumiano is proud to partner with the Dolcini Family Dairy. They know that the best way to provide their cows proper care and nutrition is with a pasture based system. Organic regeneration of the soil, plants and animals is what makes our dairy products the best available. You can see the quality of nutrition from dairy cows that are pasture based compared to those without access to open space and lush green pastures. Thats the Rumiano difference as our products are noticeably golden yellow in color and full of flavor.



The dairy farmer lifestyle requires attention to the land, plants, and animals each and everyday. The Cahill Family enjoys spending time together working the landscape, raising their cows on pasture 365 days a year. Surrounded by good neighbors and friends, they are teaching the next generation how we regenerate our communities through a focused approach on the foundations of our soils. This cycle relies on putting the good in to get the good out!



Three generations of the Copinni Family, work together side-by-side daily to ensure that their organic milk is the highest quality and nutrition to send to Rumiano. Their milk, along with 26 local family owned dairy farms, becomes the worlds most accessible organic pasture raised cheese, butter, whey and lactose products. This quality is only achievable with the right climate, soil conditions and regenerative farming practices and made possible by the hardworking dairy farmers here on the Redwood Coast.