Our Ingredients Statement

All cheese, organic and conventional, is produced in our USDA-certified cheese factory in Crescent City, California. We produce USDA certified cheese, butter, and whey protein concentrate at this plant. All cheese, butter, and whey products are made from pasteurized milk or whey. The California Department of Food and Agriculture verifies the accuracy of all the pasteurization equipment quarterly.

All Dairy Free of Artificial Hormones & rBST

The Rumiano Cheese Company maintains affidavits from all of our dairymen stating they do not treat their cows with artificial growth hormones or rBST. The affidavits are maintained in our Crescent City office and may be viewed there.

All Organic Certified by Global Culture

All Organic cheese products conform to current NOP regulations and are certified by Global Culture of Crescent City, California. Questions regarding Rumiano’s Organic certification can be addressed by calling Global Culture at (707) 464-6913.

All Products Free of Irradiation

All products, organic and conventional, produced by the Rumiano Cheese Company are produced with ingredients or processing aids that have not been handled by, exposed to, or have been treated with irradiation or sewage sludge.

All Ingredients Approved Non-GMO

All ingredients and processing aids are derived from Non-GMO sources, and have been approved Non-GMO through a third party audit. Rumiano’s organic cheese, organic butter, and organic whey protein concentrate 80% products are verified Non-GMO, through the Non-GMO Project.

Ingredients of the Best Quality

For products that are salted, Rumiano’s uses Cargill CMF evaporated sea salt. This product contains no anti-caking or free-flowing additives or conditioners.

Cheese coagulants are produced by the pure culture fermentation of the organism Mucor meihei. These coagulants are classified as vegetable enzymes.

If a cheese is colored, such as cheddars, we use the natural ingredient annatto.





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