Happy Healthy Cows

Happy Healthy Cows

Due to the fact that cows are ruminant animals, meaning their stomachs are meant to digest grass and fibrous plants, grain fed cows are showing more signs of digestive problems and disease. In addition, confinement of these animals may also be leading to more health issues which in turn leads to higher rates of antibiotics given to them to counteract these illnesses.

On the flip side, grass fed and pasture raised cows who are allowed to move freely and eat a natural diversified diet are not only much healthier but we believe they seem much happier too! Small scale farmers who have taken the time to get to know their cows (many even give them names) recognize that cows are social beings who are happiest when they have room to roam and socialize with others in their herd which in the end produces a much healthier end product.


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