Rumiano brand cheese is made at our USDA certified manufacturing facility in Crescent City, California.

Our cheeses then travel to our distribution and packaging facility in Willows, California, where all cheeses are processed and packaged for distribution to our customers like you!

Our Unique Dry Jack Cellar

Rumiano Cheese Company is proud of its tradition of aging its Dry Monterey Jack and Peppato cheese in hand-dug cellars at its factory in Willows, CA. The cellars were dug in 1921 because the arrangement that Rumiano’s had to store and age cheese in the cooler climate in San Francisco resulted in a loss of a considerable amount of cheese due to thievery.

The cellars, similar to those in the “old country,” utilize a low door at one end and a chimney at the other to keep the cheese cool. At night, when the temperatures drop, the low door is opened to allow cool air to push the warm air out of the space and up the chimney. When the temperatures rise during the day, the lower door is closed, trapping the cool air inside. The adobe clay soil surrounding the 30” thick concrete cellars acts as natural insulation, keeping temperatures cool and consistent during the Sacramento Valley’s hot summer months.

Natural unfinished western fir racks are used to shelve the Dry Monterey Jack and Peppato cheese as it ages between six and twenty-four months. The wheels are each individually cared for and are coated in Rumiano’s special blend of pepper and cocoa powder. As the wheels are aged, each is hand-turned and rubbed, using olive oil to cure the rind. This process results in the unique nutty flavor that distinguishes Dry Monterey Jack and Peppato from other cheese, which is why a tradition begun 90 years ago continues today at Rumiano Cheese Company.

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For a view of our facility, watch the video below and learn more about how we make our natural and organic cheeses…