14 October 2015

US Senate to Vote on H.R. 1599 Soon

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H.R. 1599 would prevent states from passing GMO labeling laws

US Senate to Vote on H.R. 1599 Soon

As you may know, October is Non-GMO Month.  Started in 2010 by the Non-GMO Project, this month is dedicated to continued education about genetically modified food and to help consumers better understand their food system. Here at Rumiano Cheese we are proud to have been the very first cheese company in the world to receive the Non-GMO Project Verification on our Rumiano Family Organic line of cheese.  

The last few years for Non-GMO Month, we have shared with you the November ballot initiatives around the country that would make GMO labeling possible on the state and local level.  Many states have been successful in passing GE labeling bills and some even passed mandatory labeling legislation including Maine, Vermont and Connecticut.  The Center for Food Safety has a great map that shows the latest here>>

This November the local ballots are pretty quiet on this issue.  That may be because there is legislation now being considered on the federal level called H.R. 1599 - Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015.  In short, this legislation would preempt all state and local legislation and prevent states from passing GMO labeling laws. The FDA would decide on what should and should not be labeled.  The House of Representatives voted in favor of this legislaion in July of 2015 and the bill is exepected to be voted on in Congress very soon.

Many opponents of the bill are calling this the DARK Act - Deny American the Right to Know. Just Label It is spearheading a campaign to help spread the word about this.  You can visit their website here to learn more>>

We are not sure when exactly the US Congress will be voting on this issue.  When we find out we will be sure to pass it on to you!

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