06 November 2012

Rumiano's Founding Fathers

Written by Owen Rumiano, Posted in History

A recollection of John Rumiano

Rumiano's Founding Fathers

We're going back in time with this Rumiano history blog post. We're  taking a look at the three brothers that helped start it all, Fred, John and Richard Rumiano. We recently recovered an excerpt written by John Rumiano (standing, back left) and what follows is copied directly from that:


"My name is John Rumiano. I was born on January 2, 1888, in Northern Italy, close to the French border. When I was eleven years old, I started to work in a spoon and fork factory. We worked from six in the morning to seven at night. we had twenty minutes for breakfast and forty minutes for lunch. My first weeks pay for six days equalled 48 cents. I know because I counted it at least one dozen times before I reached home.

When I was thirteen, I graduated to carrying mortar to brick layers. When i was seventeen, my father had enough money to send for me to come join him in Calaveras County, California. Of course, I was an obedient child and came as fast as boats and trains travelled at that time, with the intention of getting rich right away. But, Dad didn't think so. He thought I had better start to grammar school again. Not having any money yet, I followed his advice. I became a little boy again. But, in a few months I had learned all of the boys vocabulary, and Dad, having left me, I was able to secure a fancy job carrying tools to the miners in the gold mines. Then I learned to frame timbers for them, but they never induced me to put them in place down where the gold was in the deepest hole in California, the Kennedy Mine on Amador County.

At twenty one I was in business in San Francisco until Uncle Sam asked me to join the Army, and I played Boy Scout over in France. For that, he made me Private First Class.

In 1919, my brothers and I came to willows and engaged in the dairy business, and then cheese manufacturing, which has been our way of life since. In 1930, I met a girl with a very sweet disposition and a smiling personality. Soon after that, one early morning we went to Reno and in front of Judge Morgan we both smiled for better or for worse. We were married and became the parents of two daughters. To date we are grandparents of one granddaughter.

I am a charter member of the Willows Chamber of Commerce, past President of the Glenn County Farm Bureau, past President of 4H Clubs, past Commander of Alfred Foster American Legion Post 34, belong to the Elks Club, and am a Charter Member of the Willows Rotary Club, of which I am very proud."

About the Author

Owen Rumiano

Owen Rumiano

Born and raised in Willows, California, Owen is a fourth-generation Rumiano. Residing in San Francisco, Owen calls on stores throughout the Bay Area and southern peninsula. 


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  • RoseMary


    07 November 2012 at 18:43 |
    Thanks for your great stories. As the daughter of a dairy farmer who sold to the Rumiano factory in Crescent City, it is fun reading all the updated and historical information about the company.


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