01 November 2012

Rumiano Cheese Family Spotlight

Written by Owen Rumiano, Posted in Our People

Meet Holly Meyers

Rumiano Cheese Family Spotlight

We've got our newest interview with Holly Meyers from the Willows cheese plant! She might not have mentioned it in the interview, but she has also designed many of the Rumiano Cheese labels! There's an example of her work on the left.


Rumiano Cheese Blog: What is your job title and what do you do at Rumiano Cheese Co.?

Holly Meyers: Packaging Coordinator - Make sure that every customer is satisfied. 

RCB: Do you have kids? Are you married? Where are you from originally?

HM: I was born and raised in Willows, I have a wonderful husband that makes all my dreams come true and I we are blessed with 3 beautiful children that I am very proud of!

RCB: How long have you been working at Rumiano Cheese Co.?

HM: I have been working at Rumiano Cheese Company for 4-ever! 22 years is 4-ever right? (sic)

RCB: What brought you to Willows? And how did you end up working at the cheese factory?

HM: My parents Joanne & Walter Soeth... birthed me in Willows! I made a job change in 1990 coming to Rumiano Cheese Co from Tri Counties Bank.

RCB: What aspect of your job do you like the best?

HM: Customer Service and making sure the customer is happy!

RCB: Working 5-6 days a week doesn't leave much time for relaxing, what have you found that brings you the most R&R on your days off?

HM: Did you say relaxing? After 4 days of enjoying the smell of Hickory Smoke rolling out of our smoke house, I hit the road to shop for my Antique Store [in] downtown [Willows] and when the shopping is done, my husband and I have been remodeling a building with the expectation of opening an Antique Collective! [The collective has since opened in downtown Willows] After all of this... I hope to find time to relax or open a cheese and wine shop! 

RCB: What is your fondest memory of working at the cheese factory?

HM: I have many fond memories of working here at Rumiano Cheese Co... one of my favorites was when we got the Raley's account. Organizing it so that the first orders all went out on time with 100% fill and accuracy was a challenge and as a team we accomplished it! Another challenge was when we were asked to start producing cheese for another cheese company. The business was practically dropped in our laps over night and we increased our workforce and began running 2 shifts. Every employee pulled together and we succeeded in moving the company forward. So many challenges... So much FUN!

RCB: What do you think about the Non-GMO Verification that Rumiano has received and the future of the industry?

HM: I think it is very exciting! People are becoming more health conscious and I am proud to work with a company that is staying on top of nutrition and health! The Rumiano family takes great pride in tradition as well as making products that are pesticide and hormone free... natural healthy cheese is what Rumiano Cheese Company brings to the table!

RCB: What's your favorite cheese and why?

HM: My favorite cheese is Rumiano Peppercorn Dry Jack... it is a Rumiano Original with a nutty flavor mixed with the spicy bite of whole peppercorns! Perfect shredded over Pasta, Salad Greens or just eaten by itself. It is truly my favorite!

About the Author

Owen Rumiano

Owen Rumiano

Born and raised in Willows, California, Owen is a fourth-generation Rumiano. Residing in San Francisco, Owen calls on stores throughout the Bay Area and southern peninsula. 


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