08 June 2012

Meet Margaret Bagdons

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Rumiano Cheese Family Spotlight

Meet Margaret Bagdons

As many of the readers know, the Rumiano Cheese Blog has been steadily growing over the past few months. We thank you all for taking interest in what our blog has to say, and urge you to keep reading and share with friends! Today is the mark of the newest feature on the Rumiano Cheese Blog; Employee Appreciation and profiles. Rumiano Cheese Co. is a family owned company, and family doesn't only apply to those with the Rumiano name. Hundreds of employees work hard every day to produce a quality product everyone can be proud in. There are those who have been with the family for over 20 years, and those who have only been involved for five months, but the amount of appreciation is existent throughout the company.

In today's feature, Retail Account Specialist Margaret Bagdons was interviewed. After working with the family for over 24 years, she has become irreplaceable. If you have concerns about cheese arriving to a customer on time, talk to Margaret; if you need cheese for a trade-show, talk to Margaret. Or maybe you could use some gift baskets during the holidays, talk to Margaret! Margaret is a key player for the Rumiano team and has earned MUCH appreciation.

Below is an interview with Margaret, asking about her work with Rumiano Cheese:

Rumiano Cheese Blog: What is your job title and what do you do at Rumiano Cheese Company?

Margaret Bagdons: [I am a] Retail Accounts Specialist. As orders are received, I make sure they go to the correct department along with pallet tags, pricing and label information. Because we package for many companies, I make sure information specific to each company; such as production schedules and nutrition labels, goes to the team leaders to complete each order. Working in the packaging dept. for 13 years helps me in my job today because I am familiar with the companies we work with and our trucking delivery schedule. I also receive and ship cheese orders to customers via UPS and handle our retail store here at the plant.

RCB: What aspect of your job do you like the best.

MB: Working with all of our departments, packaging , slicing and brie, to make sure the orders go out on time. Some days I'm all over the plant getting information for orders or gathering samples, but there is never a dull moment. It can get really crazy sometimes, but I like that I'm not just stuck at a desk all day.

RCB: How long have you been working at Rumiano Cheese Co

MB: 25 years on 12/1/12.

RCB: What is your fondest memory of working at the cheese factory?

MB: Watching the company grow from 6 people in the packaging dept. to 3 departments with over 80 employees. The six of us all knew how to open and cut cheese, run the machine and label, price and box up the cheese. Our packaging machine,"Betsy," had 2 sets of dies which would form 4 or 6 pockets in the film to seal the cheese. We all knew how to change the dies too. It's a lot more specialized today, with operators for certain machines requiring special training, but it's still all about working as a team.

RCB: What do you think about the Non-GMO Verification that Rumiano Cheese just received and the future of the industry?

MB: It's great to have Rumiano Cheese lead the way to change in the industry toward more natural products.

RCB: What's your favorite cheese?

MB: I love the flavor and texture of our dry jack anytime, but I really love a good sharp cheddar. It just gets better with age.



We would like to thank Margaret Bagdons at the Willows, CA plant for taking her time to answer some questions. This interview will not be the last! As a part of the new blog featurette, we will be spotlighting a new employee every month. Keep tuned to the Rumiano Cheese website, Facebook and Twitter accounts for new articles and updates on the Rumiano Cheese Team-Member Spotlight.

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Owen Rumiano

Born and raised in Willows, California, Owen is a fourth-generation Rumiano. Residing in San Francisco, Owen calls on stores throughout the Bay Area and southern peninsula. 


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