22 February 2012

Rumiano Brothers' History

Written by Owen Rumiano, Posted in History

A legacy of quality, service, and perseverance.

Rumiano Brothers' History

The values and innovation of the Rumiano Cheese Company have roots that go back almost a century. The first generation of Rumiano's to emigrate to the United States, brothers Fred, Richard and John held the belief that the hardships of life were conquerable by keeping dedicated values of work ethic in mind. These brothers had a dream to become prosperous and successful, living up to the ideology of the "American Dream." It began with an attempt at gold mining outside of Sacramento, California, in Amador County. The struggling brothers were about 50 years too late, as the California gold-rush had already reaped the benefits of gold mining. They decided their time would be better spent in the San Francisco ship yards during World War I. Richard later married Leontin Ray in San Francisco. Shortly after, the brothers were persuaded to move to Willows, California, about 100 miles north of Sacramento. 

The Rumiano brothers were convinced they would be able to start a high quality, customer service oriented dairy and in 1919 they purchased land and shortly began making butter with excess milk. After attending a cheese making class at UC Davis, the brothers began Rumiano Cheese Company in 1921, establishing what is now the oldest family owned cheese company in California. A major hurdle the brothers had to overcome was California's love of eastern style cheeses. The majority of cheese and butter made in the United States in the early 1900s was manufactured in Wisconsin and It took some time to wean Californians from eastern to the new western style cheeses.

Fortunately for the Rumiano Brothers, they began producing Monterey Jack cheese and became one of the first to mass produce the cheese created by David Jacks decades before. The brothers values, hard work and innovation lead to the creation of a hard European style cheese called Dry Jack. The modification of this popular California cheese provided the Rumiano Cheese Co. an open door into the local, and state-wide cheese market. Today, Rumiano Cheese is still producing Dry Jack the same way it was produced by the first generation. The passion that fueled the Rumiano brothers in the early 20th century is mirrored by today's third and fourth generation Rumianos and is still evident

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Owen Rumiano

Owen Rumiano

Born and raised in Willows, California, Owen is a fourth-generation Rumiano. Residing in San Francisco, Owen calls on stores throughout the Bay Area and southern peninsula. 


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