28 November 2012

North State Innovation Awards 2012

Written by Owen Rumiano, Posted in Company News

Rumiano Cheese Awarded Innovation in Food and Agriculture

North State Innovation Awards 2012

Earlier this month, the North State Innovation Awards 2012 was hosted at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. "Innovators, executives, educators and community leaders who enrich the California 530 area code were celebrated," and Rumiano Cheese Co. was invited to celebrate. The Innovate North State Awards have been an annual awards event since 1984 and has since included the entire 530 area code region (most of California north of Sacramento). The 53 finalists are honored because of their innovative products and game-changing impact at a statewide, national and global scale.

For the annual North State Innovation awards, Rumiano Cheese was honored with an award for Innovation in Food and Agriculture.

You can read the California North State Innovation Awards 2012 press release below:


California North State Innovation Awards 2012:
Rumiano Cheese Company winner in the Innovation in Food and Agriculture category

November 2012, Chico, CA – At the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room November 1st, the innovators, executives, educators and community leaders who enrich the California 530 area code were celebrated. The lively evening was host to an audience that came to see the winners of 53 finalists in 15 categories.

Hosted and organized originally by CEPCO and since 2012 by Innovate North State, the North State Innovation Awards are an annual event since 1984 and have been expanded this year to include the entire 530 area code, encompassing most of California North of Sacramento. Prior award winners include market leading companies such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and Build.com. Companies are honored because of their innovative products or services and their game changing impact, not only locally, but statewide, nationally and globally.

A number of companies received GLOBIE Awards, representative of their impact on the North State's economy while doing business globally. GLOBIE stands for Growth focused Locally Owned or operated Businesses run by Innovative Entrepreneurs.

Innovate North State's Board Chairman Steve Gonsalves stated, "The event is truly emblematic of the region-wide innovation occurring in the California North State. We have finalists from 14 different communities, all who are making great things happen in the region and we were proud to honor them at the North State Innovation Awards event."

Awards were given in the following categories: Game Changer of the Year; Entrepreneur of the Year; Executive of the Year; Outstanding Woman Innovator of the Year; Inventor of the Year; Innovation in Health Care; Education Innovator of the Year; Outstanding Technology Team; Green Innovation ; Outstanding Startup; Food & Agriculture; Manufacturing Innovation; Community Service Award; GLOBIE Awards; CSU Chico Collegiate Entrepreneurial Association Award.

ABOUT Rumiano Cheese Company
Rumiano Cheese Company has been making cheese since 1921 and we strive to find more sustainable ways to produce our artisan cheeses. In 2005 Rumiano Cheese installed a wastewater treatment facility that decreased the company's solid loadings to the city by 99%. Later in 2011, Rumiano Cheese Company finished its Whey Protein Concentrate plant, which utilizes the proteins left over in the cheese making process. To top it off, Rumiano Cheese Company has created the first ever Non-GMO Verified cheese (verified through the Non-GMO Project) available.

Innovate North State (www.innovate-northstate.com) – a public/private partnership driven by CEOs of leading California North State businesses – was established in early 2012 to create jobs in the region by specifically focusing resources on helping innovative growth companies succeed. The Innovate North State concept was seeded by NoRTEC, its development aided by a State Innovation Challenge Grant. The organization also serves as one of twelve California-designated iHubs, and is the only iHub focused on rural regions of California. Innovate North State's region of scope encompasses Yuba-Sutter to the South, Grass Valley/Nevada City in the foothills, all the way to the Oregon border.

Innovate North State's 5-Year Vision is to have the North State recognized as the most economically competitive rural region in the U.S. by 2017.


You can find out more by checking out the Innovate North State website: http://innovate-northstate.com/ 


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