17 May 2013

Masters of Cheese

Written by Owen Rumiano, Posted in Masters of Cheese

Dry Jack -- Episode 1

Masters of Cheese

Have you ever wondered how our Dry Jack is prepared, or what the brown rind is made of? Maybe you're curious to see the basement -- it aged cheese while being a government designated nuclear shelter during the Cold War! Our latest -- and first -- episode of "Masters of Cheese" is introducing the classic aged cheese that we've been making for almost a century. 

Join our host Becca in the "basement" as we show the aging and packaging techniques that have changed very little since the early years of Rumiano Cheese. The tradition of Dry Jack goes back to our "founding brothers" who developed methods that we still use today.

If you didn't catch the introduction video, make sure you watch and enjoy! We hope you like watching them as much as we liked filming.

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Owen Rumiano

Owen Rumiano

Born and raised in Willows, California, Owen is a fourth-generation Rumiano. Residing in San Francisco, Owen calls on stores throughout the Bay Area and southern peninsula. 


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  • TheGirl


    06 June 2013 at 21:09 |
    Ordering cheese online? Well if its organic and fresh, I'll definitely try it out. And the videos showing how its made really give me an idea of what I'm eating. Thanks for sharing!


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