31 October 2011

Healthy Benefits of Grass-Fed Dairy

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Why Rumiano Supports Pasture-Based Dairies

Healthy Benefits of Grass-Fed Dairy

The great health benefits and top quality of grass-fed dairy are no surprise to the team at Rumiano Cheese Company. We use locally sourced milk from pasture-raised cows for all of our dairy products. (Read more about Our Farms to learn all the details on that.)

Jo Robinson's article Super Natural Milk provides great examples of just why we're so committed to our top-quality dairy ingredients. Grass-fed milk has more of the balanced EFAs (essential fatty acids), beneficial fats, beta-carotene, and vitamins A and E—all elements that keep our bodies in healthy balance!

To learn more, read about grass-fed dairy and farming at eatwild.com.

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  • Louise


    04 November 2013 at 14:47 |
    I want to know what you do with the cows once they are done being able to be milked, Do you let them live out there lives on pasture or do you have them slaughtered.
    I need to know before I buy a quantity of your products.
    thank you


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