31 March 2016

US Senate Votes to Defeat HR 1599

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GMO Labeling Laws to Protect Consumers

US Senate Votes to Defeat HR 1599

During Non-GMO Month in October 2015, we shared with you a blog post about H.R. 1599 - Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 otherwise known by it's opponents as the DARK Act - Deny American the Right to Know. In short, this legislation would preempt all state and local legislation and prevent states from passing GMO labeling laws. The House of Representatives voted in favor of this legislaion in July of 2015 and it was passed to Congress for a vote last fall. For many months, we waited eagerly to hear how the Senate was going to vote on this issue.  Last week, we got word that the Senate finally cast their vote and they actually defeated the bill.

In addition, several large corporate companies such as General Mills, Mars, Inc., Kellogg’s and ConAgra Foods all announced that they plan to label products that contain GMO ingredients. This is the first step towards transparency in our food system. Many grassroots organizations such as Just Label It are asking Congress to enact a federal GMO labeling requirement that would make it mandatory for all companies to label their products.  The Senate has a chance to make this happen by voting yes on the S.2621 introduced on March 2, 2016 by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley called the Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act.  We will keep an eye on this and let you know what happens next!

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