22 April 2014

Earth Day 2014 at Rumiano Cheese Company

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National Organic Program sustainability standards for Organic manufacturers

Earth Day 2014 at Rumiano Cheese Company

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our home planet and bring to light the issues that sometimes skip the minds of a huge portion of our population. Earth Day started back in 1970 when the world (the United States in particular) saw peak production of large engined automobiles and the consumption of leaded gasoline increase substantially. With pollution becoming an ever apparent issue, a United States senator by the name of Gaylord Nelson held the first Earth Day forum in efforts to educate and plant a seed among the public. Today, Earth Day is celebrated by nearly 200 countries worldwide.

usda-organicWe make many efforts to be as sustainable as possible at Rumiano Cheese Co. and the USDA Organic certification is an undoubtedly important part. The National Organic Program standards include five to six subparts that cover land use, crop rotation, and land sustainability requirements. This certification doesn't only mean your food is "cleaner," but also that the land being used is respected and sustainably managed.


Subpart C in the National Organic Program (NOP) outlines the guidelines of land management for organic standards. Although these rules are commonly only observed by organic manufacturers and producers, there are valuable lessons to be learned by all. The NOP organic standards are holding organic verified companies to a standard that should be observed every day, not just Earth Day.

USDA Organic seals help propagate the Earth Day values Senator Nelson instilled in our minds over 40 years ago. Help celebrate Earth Day with us by reading the NOP Subpart C, and treat the earth like every day is Earth Day.


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