13 February 2013

Dry Monterey Jack

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Dry Monterey Jack

Rumiano Cheese Company deals with thousands of varieties of cheese every year. Imported cheese from Europe, or domestic cheese we've made ourselves, it can get a little overwhelming when looking at an item sheet. The aim of this series is to keep you, the customer, in touch with what we offer, on a slightly more intimate level. 

The history of Rumiano Cheese Company wouldn't be complete without mentioning Dry Monterey Jack. The Rumiano brothers are regarded as some of the early developers of the pre-aged "Dry Jack" wheel that was originally sold fresh to businesses and distributors in the San Francisco/Bay Area back in the early 20th century. During the years of WWI it was nearly impossible to get authentic European cheese in the United States. Dry Monterey Jack was the Rumiano Brothers' answer, as it was a hard and flavorful cheese that resembled Parmesan or the Romano varieties.

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Originally, the wheels of Monterey Jack were shipped down to the Bay Area where the delis, restaurants and distributors would age the wheels themselves and then resell them as such. The Rumiano Brothers thought, "why not pre-age the wheels before shipping?" At that point, the Rumiano Brothers focused heavily on the development of Dry Jack and it is still a staple of the company today.

As the decades pass, our methods of making the Dry Monterey Jack are still extremely similar.  We still use finely ground black pepper and cocoa powder coating that has been used for generations and the wheels are aged in a basement that could be used as a bomb shelter, thanks to the thick concrete walls and bunker-like design. Dry Jack has been there since the begining of Rumiano Cheese Co., because of that you could say we've got a very familial feeling towards this awesome product. 

Dry Jack is available at many major grocery stores throughout California and neighboring states. It is available for special order through our website or by calling.

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  • Falk Burger

    Falk Burger

    06 August 2014 at 21:23 |
    I am very fond of the deep subtleties of dry jack but none of the local delis carry it. Can I buy from you, quantity,price?


    • Owen Rumiano

      Owen Rumiano

      09 December 2014 at 17:05 |
      Sorry for the long delayed response. You can order on our website. Check out the "Shop" tab!


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