14 April 2015

Deliciously Savvy Review of Rumiano Family Organic Cheese

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Deliciously Savvy Review of Rumiano Family Organic Cheese

"I am in love with Rumiano Cheese! PERIOD! I recently shopped at my local Whole Foods and grabbed a few bars of their organic cheeses…. A White Sharp Cheddar, a Monterey Jack and a block of Mozzarella.

The cheese is delicious. Very flavorful and fabulous with a little salami, pepperoni and crackers! This cheese is not only great for grilled cheese…. but also for apps when you have friends over with cheese, crackers and wine…. and it is also going to be delicious on my pasta, stuffed mushrooms, a little shredded cheese for my tacos and and slices on my sandwiches or burgers! The possibilities are endless! Anything you could possibly need cheese for will be even better with Rumiano Organic Cheese! It melts amazingly creamy and tastes even better!"

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