16 January 2012

Dedication to Sustainability

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Artisan Cheesemaker Compliment ~ Stefanie Angstadt

Dedication to Sustainability

"As an artisan cheese maker, I was interested in visiting Rumiano's production facility in Crescent City.  I was blown away by the company's dedication to sustainability in all of its practices from A to Z.  Theirs is a system that strives to eliminate waste, find ways to convert its waste outputs into inputs, improve energy efficiency in all of its processes and promote fair practices in the industry.  The company has as much emphasis on reducing its ecological footprint as it does on producing high quality cheeses.  One can see this simply by walking through the facility - it's refreshing to visit a production room where everyone takes pride in what they are creating.  From Rumiano's recent development of its waste water treatment facility for reuse of our most precious resource, to its local dairy milk procurement practices, to its conversion of the whey biproduct (in a normal facility, this is waste or livestock feed) into nourishing protein for human consumption, to its water heating process that increases energy efficiency, Rumiano Cheese Co. is a true closed-loop production system.  What's most remarkable is that these efficiencies are self-driven; they seem to be part of a larger vision towards preserving the ecological systems on which the company will depend far into the future."

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