05 October 2014

Colorado to Vote on Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill November 2014

Written by Owen Rumiano, Posted in Non-GMO

Proposition 105 enforces mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients

Colorado to Vote on Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill November 2014

Colorado will vote on mandatory GMO labeling in November's ballot Proposition 105. The Rocky Mountain State's "Right to Know" campaign will become one of over 30 states to vote on GMO labeling legistlation. If the measure passes, labeling will begin July of 2016.

This ballot initiative, officially known as Proposition 105, was approved to appear on the November 2014 ballot earlier this year after garnering just over 86,000 signatures. The measure is sponsored by Colorado's "Right to Know" organization. If Proposition 105 passes it will require labeling of"prepackaged, processed food or raw agricultural commodity that has been produced using genetic modification."

Opponents of the bill say that it will cause unwanted price increases in grocery expenses and tax costs, claiming it will "create expensive new bureaucratic requirements that would hurt the state's farmers."

Proponents of the labeling initiative argue that a label will not pass the expenses to the consumer, and that the "right to know" is what truly matters. Opponents of GM ingredients are also "pointing to studies that connect GMO with 65 health risks, from allergies to infertility."

If Proposition 105 passes this November, Colorado will become the third state to have passed a mandatory labeling law, joining Maine and Connecticut.


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