The operating scope of the Rumiano Cheese facility in Willows, CA includes aging, warehouse storage, and packaging of cheese. Orders are placed through the Willows facility and are shipped from the warehouse at the location. We offer services such as slicing, Cryovac packaging of hard and semi-soft cheese, as well as hand-wrapping of soft and ripened cheese. This wide aray of packaging capabilities facilitates not only our own packaging needs, but also that of our custom and private label customers as well.


The newest is our state-of-the-art slicing operation. We handle anything from a 6oz Sliced Shingle Pack to a 2Ib Sliced Double Stack. This packaging can include a zipper and interleave paper. As a custom packer, we are able to produce private label items as well as offer our own branded products.


We specialize in Cryovac Vacuum sealed packaging. We handle anything from 6oz chunks to 10Ib loafs, as well as many other items. We have the capability to apply 3 labels and pre-price items to your company specifications.


We hand-wrap specialty products, such as soft ripened brie. Wheels are cut into single retail size pieces, hand wrapped, priced, labeled and boxed per your company specifications.


Certified by Silliker Food Safety and Quality Solutions.

Scoring in the top 10 in North America, we proudly display the Platinum Silliker Audit Award. This award validates our commitment to quality assurance and food safety, as a priority throughout our company culture.

At the Rumiano Cheese Company we strive to produce superior products and deliver prompt and efficient service.





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